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Jan 3rd

Hi everyone. This site is up for adoption. Unfortunately Gia’s career is so slow right now that i’m loosing interest in the fansite, though all her older projects are up-to-date and, by not having access to the latest information (CW Seed is not available in my country) of her newest show #LAFF I have lost interest in keeping this site update.

Please contact our host (FFH) if you’re interested in adopting this fansite.

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Dec 25th


Jan 13th

Welcome to 2017!! To celebrate the new year, we added two new themes, one on our gallery and one on the main page!! Enjoy 😀

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Dec 24th

We would like to wish Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to all Gia Mantegna fans 😀


Apr 5th

We feel so happy that our adorable idol Gia Mantegna follows us on Twitter! Are you following us too?!

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Jan 13th

Welcome to 2016 with a new theme! By the lovely OMM and header made by me. The gallery one will be up as soon as possible too :)

Nov 12th

As to celebrate the like and retweet lovely Gia was able to make on our twitter (here) we would like to present you the newest launch on this fansite: Gia’s Closet!

Click on the following link to see all brands Gia has wore and that we are aware of:


You just need to click on any of the categories available (for now Appearances and Projects) to see what she wore!

Unfortunately there isn’t much information online about her clothes, but we’ll keep trying to find all brands she wore and when :)

Oct 26th

Welcome to your first and newest source for actress Gia Mantegna !! Enjoy :)