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Mar 8th

Gia made a short appearance at the end of episode 16 of The Middle which aired yesterday! Can’t wait to see the next one :) Seems like Axl wasn’t very happy to see her !

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0006.jpg

Television Projects > 2014. The Middle > Season 8 > Screencaps: Episode 16

Feb 28th

Gia is back on ‘The Middle’ for episode 8×17 called ‘Exes and Ohhhs’! This episode airs on March 14, on ABC.

002.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 008.jpg 013.jpg

Television Projects > 2014. The Middle > Season 8 > Production Stills

After Axl runs into just about all of his ex-girlfriends while attending a St. Patrick’s Day party – including Devin Levin, Cassidy and even Weird Ashley – Hutch tells Axl that the universe is trying to tell him something about his love life, and that he must speak with each of them to try and figure it out. Meanwhile, Brick discovers that Frankie and Mike aren’t half as thrilled as he is when he buys an old microfiche machine at a library sale; and not knowing that Tyler is set to take Sue to the Chancellor’s Ball, Sean Donahue pays her a surprise visit and offers to escort her to it.

Feb 9th

Thank you to Pepi Sonuga official twitter page, we have added more pictures of Gia on the unreleased pilot of ‘Cheerleader Death Squad‘! Enjoy:

011.jpg 012.jpg 017.jpg 014.jpg 015.jpg

Television Projects > 2016. Cheerleader Death Squad > Behind The Scenes

Dec 6th

Added one production still of Gia on the movie ‘Neighbor‘ which was released in 2007! Enjoy:


Film Projects > 2007. The Neighbor > Production Stills

Nov 9th

Added the last episode of Gigantic pictures to the gallery, enjoy!

0_0223.jpg 0_0247.jpg 0_0666.jpg 0_0704.jpg 0_1174.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Season 2 Screencaps > 2×08: Things That Haven’t Happened Yet

Oct 25th

You can now find in our Gia gallery screencaps from the full Season 2 of Gigantic!

0_6239.jpg 0_1543.jpg 0_0710.jpg 0_0592.jpg 0_1390.jpg

0_4442.jpg 0_0434.jpg 0_1342.jpg 0_1624.jpg 0_0396.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Season 2 Screencaps

Jun 17th

Finally! Gia has some music career news for everyone :) She has released a new single over Soundcloud called ‘I Won’t Wait’ which she will play live at WhishkyGoGo on June 30rd! Plus, new photoshoot pictures to promote have been released by Gia:

001~22.jpg 002~15.jpg 003~8.jpg 001~21.jpg 007~2.jpg 008~1.jpg

Photoshoots > 0024

Music Projects > 2016. > ‘I Won’t Wait’ Artwork

Jun 13th

According to Gia’s instagram she has a new project!! The image features her and a boy laying in a white sofa, on what seems to be a dance studio:


Film Projects > 2017. Untitled Project > On Set

May 31st

On May 19th, Gia was at Zephyr Theatre on Melrose in Los Angeles at 7pm reading part of ‘A Four-Sided Bed’ by Elizabeth Searle book. She attended the even with Kenney Leu, Lucy Griffiths and Evan Ross.

001~18.jpg 002~13.jpg

May 12th

How about three more episodes from ‘Gigantic‘ added to the gallery? 😀

0_0042.jpg 0_0063.jpg 0_0403.jpg 0_0658.jpg 0_0716.jpg 0_1789.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×05: Perfect Complications

0_0540~0.jpg 0_0911.jpg 0_0951.jpg 0_1250~0.jpg 0_1373.jpg 0_1408~0.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×06: All In

0_0146.jpg 0_0196.jpg 0_0247.jpg 0_0285.jpg 0_1137.jpg 0_1162~0.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×07: Town Of No

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