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Apr 28th

Today I’ve added two more episodes from ‘Gigantic‘ on the gallery 😀 Enjoy:

0_0278.jpg 0_0428.jpg 0_0500.jpg 0_1281.jpg 0_1293.jpg 0_1334.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×03: Black and White and Red All Over

0_0600.jpg 0_0744~0.jpg 0_0925.jpg 0_1072.jpg 0_1247~0.jpg 0_1296.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×04: Cas’ Girls Are Not So Easy

Apr 26th

Added new screencaps from ‘Gigantic’ ! Finally got to start watching this and here are the first two episodes and the intro from S1:

0_0121.jpg 0_0149.jpg 0_0151.jpg 0_0153.jpg 0_0154.jpg 0_0157.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×00: Intro

0_0587.jpg 0_0759.jpg 0_1160.jpg 0_1432.jpg 0_2492.jpg 0_2543.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×01: Pilot: Part 1

0_0305.jpg 0_0323.jpg 0_0333.jpg 0_0342.jpg 0_0487.jpg 0_0506.jpg

Television Work > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×02: Pilot: Part 2

Apr 18th

Added (low quality) screencaps for ‘All I want for Christmas’ :)

0_2067.jpg 0_2082.jpg 0_3207.jpg 0_3267.jpg 0_5308.jpg 0_5443.jpg

Film Projects > 2007. All I Want for Christmas > (Low Quality) Screencaps


Feb 8th

Thank you to God’s Lions facebook page, Gia might have been added to a new project! Check out some information about the novel it is based on:

Summoned to Rome by an old friend, a Jesuit scholar finds himself using a code discovered in the Bible to unearth an ancient, hidden chapel in the catacombs under the city. When a rogue force of Vatican security officials are alerted to his discovery, the priest flees to the Holy Land with a clue … a clue that will lead him and a team of Israeli Christians to a much larger secret in the middle of the barren Negev Desert. Meticulously researched and drawing on scientific fact, John Lyman’s intriguing story takes us into the world of scholars, archaeologists, code-breakers, and intelligence specialists who have discovered a prophetic code hidden within the Old Testament that authenticates the Bible as a book of supernatural orgin and points to a divine plan. This gripping novel is truly a thought-provoking and action-packed thriller with implications for our future.


Gia will be playing Ariella Wasserman. Check amazon for the book.

Jan 16th

The first clip from Blood Shy / All For Nikki has been released! Enjoy:

0_005.jpg 0_017.jpg 0_022.jpg 0_043.jpg 0_108.jpg 0_111.jpg

Film Projects > 2016. Blood Shy / All For Nikki > Clip #1

Dec 19th

Added over 800 caps from California Scheming to the gallery!

000002.jpg 000031.jpg 000310.jpg 000212.jpg 000285.jpg 000822.jpg

Film Projects > 2014. California Scheming > Screencaps: BluRay

Dec 4th

May be hard to believe, but behind the mask there’s lady Gia! Also on the other caps are from a video Gia did to help Kids:

0_040.jpg 0_216.jpg 0_495.jpg 0_034.jpg 0_071.jpg 0_129.jpg

Others > Music Videos > Screencaps: Liz – Hush

Others > The Evolution of Dancing For The Kids

Nov 23rd

Added everything I had related to Under The Dome over the gallery!

0_1192.jpg 0_2145.jpg 0_3561.jpg 0_2241.jpg 0_3695.jpg 0_1013.jpg

Television Work > 2013. Under the Dome


000014.jpg 000094.jpg 000107.jpg 000124.jpg 000166.jpg 000285.jpg

Television Work > 2013. Under the Dome > Season 3 > Screencaps: Episode 12


Nov 11th

000002.jpg 000011.jpg 000012.jpg 000015.jpg 000029.jpg 000047.jpg

Film Projects > 2010. And Soon the Darkness > Screencaps: BluRay

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