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Dec 6th

Added one production still of Gia on the movie ‘Neighbor‘ which was released in 2007! Enjoy:


Film Projects > 2007. The Neighbor > Production Stills

Dec 1st

Added screencaps from the episode Joe and Gia hosted for ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’. Thank you to AlfonsoHerrera for the donation 😀

0_4204.jpg 0_3935.jpg 0_2488~0.jpg 0_1164~0.jpg 0_2678.jpg 0_4621.jpg

Television Projects > 2016. ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors’ > Screencaps

Nov 29th

Find in our gallery the photo available from ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors’ from the 23rd with Joe:

Click to view full size image

> Appearances > 2016 > November 23, ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors’

Nov 9th

Added the last episode of Gigantic pictures to the gallery, enjoy!

0_0223.jpg 0_0247.jpg 0_0666.jpg 0_0704.jpg 0_1174.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Season 2 Screencaps > 2×08: Things That Haven’t Happened Yet

Oct 25th

You can now find in our Gia gallery screencaps from the full Season 2 of Gigantic!

0_6239.jpg 0_1543.jpg 0_0710.jpg 0_0592.jpg 0_1390.jpg

0_4442.jpg 0_0434.jpg 0_1342.jpg 0_1624.jpg 0_0396.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Season 2 Screencaps

Sep 18th

Gia has made an appearance in NY! She attended a film screening of the movie ‘Dancer’:

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Appearances > 2016 > September 14, 2016 ‘Dancer’ film screening

Jul 4th

Gia made her first gig!! See photos from the event:

13528232_10153462813671065_8237650703378098535_o.jpg 13528617_10153462813876065_16351420068150250_o.jpg 13559062_10153462813556065_5828432376481233181_o.jpg 13606950_10153464184081065_8251812832354228031_n.jpg 13581905_10153462814056065_5680022163510171231_o.jpg 13568921_10153462813771065_6381397536958168328_o.jpg


Jun 26th

The final two episodes of Gigantic have been added to the gallery :)

0_0779~0.jpg 0_0828.jpg 0_0910.jpg 0_1627.jpg 0_2004.jpg 0_2175.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×08: Dottie P

0_0596~0.jpg 0_0665~1.jpg 0_0696~1.jpg 0_1250~2.jpg 0_1306~1.jpg 0_1377~1.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×09: Bye, bye baby

Jun 17th

Finally! Gia has some music career news for everyone :) She has released a new single over Soundcloud called ‘I Won’t Wait’ which she will play live at WhishkyGoGo on June 30rd! Plus, new photoshoot pictures to promote have been released by Gia:

001~22.jpg 002~15.jpg 003~8.jpg 001~21.jpg 007~2.jpg 008~1.jpg

Photoshoots > 0024

Music Projects > 2016. > ‘I Won’t Wait’ Artwork

Jun 16th

Gia has updated her instagram with a new photoshoot picture!! Check it out over the gallery :)

001~20.jpg 002~14.jpg

Photoshoots > 0023

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