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Jan 10th

Gia is featured in a new interview of the Stallone sisters, as part of Past Honorees on the Golden Globes. She isn’t featured with any photo but I have added scans of the magazine with the full interview (only includes her in a bit):

It wasn’t until Mantegna saw her dad’s overjoyed reaction that the significance of being chosen fully sunk in for her. “He was so honored,” she says. “It was so much more than just being the son or daughter of someone famous. It was the fact that your parents had a career in Hollywood that was respected — that they are well liked.”

Gia Mantegna, daughter of Joe Mantegna, remembers her audition that same year: “[They asked me] about my life and my career and what it meant to be the daughter of someone in the industry,” recalls the actress, now 26. “To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with what Miss Golden Globe was. [My father’s publicist] just told me to show up to this building and go on this interview. It seemed silly. Like, what is this? This is not anything I’m earning on my own. This isn’t a job. I’m just doing this because my dad’s an actor.” She ended up getting the gig.


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