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Oct 25th

You can now find in our Gia gallery screencaps from the full Season 2 of Gigantic!

0_6239.jpg 0_1543.jpg 0_0710.jpg 0_0592.jpg 0_1390.jpg

0_4442.jpg 0_0434.jpg 0_1342.jpg 0_1624.jpg 0_0396.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Season 2 Screencaps

Sep 18th

Gia has made an appearance in NY! She attended a film screening of the movie ‘Dancer’:

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Appearances > 2016 > September 14, 2016 ‘Dancer’ film screening

Aug 17th

Hi everyone! Currently, Gia hasn’t had any news so we can post on the fansite, but we are still crossing our fingers something new may came up!! Much love, Ana

Jul 17th

UK fans can now see Gia on ‘Gigantic’! Nickelodeon UK & Ireland have announced the exciting news in a new trailer that Nickelodeon UK & Ireland/HD will start to show Gigantic, a popular 18-episode half-hour scripted comedy drama series, Thursdays at 9:31pm from Thursday 28th July 2016, as part of Nick@Nite!

Shot and set in Los Angeles, Gigantic features an ensemble cast that includes Grace Gummer, the daughter of Meryl Streep, and Gia Mantegna, the daughter of Joe Mantegna, as two of the lead characters who navigate the privileges and pitfalls of having Hollywood A-list parents.

Set in the world of the Hollywood elite, packed with parties and privilege, Gigantic follows the coming-of-age stories of a fictional group of teens as they navigate friendships, romances and a Hollywood lifestyle. The ensemble cast includes: 17-year-old Anna Moore (Gummer) and her younger brother, Walt Moore (Tony Oller, MKTO), both kids of a famous movie star couple, Jennifer and John Moore (portrayed by Helen Slater and Patrick Fabian, respectively); Anna’s best friend Piper Katins (Jolene Purdy); Piper’s brother, Finn Katins (Malcolm David Kelley, MKTO); frenemy Vanessa King (Mantegna) and Anna’s longtime crush Joey Colvin (Ryan Rottman).

Gigantic explores the complicated lives of teenagers and parents through a variety of lenses, allowing the audience in on the provocative and privileged world of celebrity, while also examining the everyday angst that’s relatable to all teens.

Jul 4th

Gia made her first gig!! See photos from the event:

13528232_10153462813671065_8237650703378098535_o.jpg 13528617_10153462813876065_16351420068150250_o.jpg 13559062_10153462813556065_5828432376481233181_o.jpg 13606950_10153464184081065_8251812832354228031_n.jpg 13581905_10153462814056065_5680022163510171231_o.jpg 13568921_10153462813771065_6381397536958168328_o.jpg


Jun 26th

The final two episodes of Gigantic have been added to the gallery :)

0_0779~0.jpg 0_0828.jpg 0_0910.jpg 0_1627.jpg 0_2004.jpg 0_2175.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×08: Dottie P

0_0596~0.jpg 0_0665~1.jpg 0_0696~1.jpg 0_1250~2.jpg 0_1306~1.jpg 0_1377~1.jpg

Television Projects > 2010. Gigantic > Screencaps > 1×09: Bye, bye baby

Jun 17th

Finally! Gia has some music career news for everyone :) She has released a new single over Soundcloud called ‘I Won’t Wait’ which she will play live at WhishkyGoGo on June 30rd! Plus, new photoshoot pictures to promote have been released by Gia:

001~22.jpg 002~15.jpg 003~8.jpg 001~21.jpg 007~2.jpg 008~1.jpg

Photoshoots > 0024

Music Projects > 2016. > ‘I Won’t Wait’ Artwork

Jun 16th

Gia has updated her instagram with a new photoshoot picture!! Check it out over the gallery :)

001~20.jpg 002~14.jpg

Photoshoots > 0023

Jun 13th

According to Gia’s instagram she has a new project!! The image features her and a boy laying in a white sofa, on what seems to be a dance studio:


Film Projects > 2017. Untitled Project > On Set

May 31st

On May 19th, Gia was at Zephyr Theatre on Melrose in Los Angeles at 7pm reading part of ‘A Four-Sided Bed’ by Elizabeth Searle book. She attended the even with Kenney Leu, Lucy Griffiths and Evan Ross.

001~18.jpg 002~13.jpg

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