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Jan 16th

The first clip from Blood Shy / All For Nikki has been released! Enjoy:

0_005.jpg 0_017.jpg 0_022.jpg 0_043.jpg 0_108.jpg 0_111.jpg

Film Projects > 2016. Blood Shy / All For Nikki > Clip #1

Jan 13th

Welcome to 2016 with a new theme! By the lovely OMM and header made by me. The gallery one will be up as soon as possible too :)

Dec 19th

Added over 800 caps from California Scheming to the gallery!

000002.jpg 000031.jpg 000310.jpg 000212.jpg 000285.jpg 000822.jpg

Film Projects > 2014. California Scheming > Screencaps: BluRay

Dec 14th

Gia Mantegna is a guest at The Don ‘Live at Sonny MClean’s Wilshire and 26th’! Lets hope some footage and pictures appear of her while there as her voice is stunning! To be on December 18th, Friday.

Dec 10th

Added caps of Ask Me Anything !!

000003.jpg 000016.jpg 000018.jpg 000034.jpg 000064.jpg 000106.jpg

Film Projects > 2014. Ask Me Anything > Screencaps: BluRay

Dec 7th

Gia attended to National Arts And Entertainment Journalism Awards Gala with dad, mom and her sister on the past December 6th:

001.jpg 002.jpg

Appearances > 2015 > December 06, 2015 National Arts And Entertainment Journalism Awards Gala

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