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Dec 14th

Gia Mantegna is a guest at The Don ‘Live at Sonny MClean’s Wilshire and 26th’! Lets hope some footage and pictures appear of her while there as her voice is stunning! To be on December 18th, Friday.

Dec 10th

Added caps of Ask Me Anything !!

000003.jpg 000016.jpg 000018.jpg 000034.jpg 000064.jpg 000106.jpg

Film Projects > 2014. Ask Me Anything > Screencaps: BluRay

Dec 7th

Gia attended to National Arts And Entertainment Journalism Awards Gala with dad, mom and her sister on the past December 6th:

001.jpg 002.jpg

Appearances > 2015 > December 06, 2015 National Arts And Entertainment Journalism Awards Gala

Dec 4th

May be hard to believe, but behind the mask there’s lady Gia! Also on the other caps are from a video Gia did to help Kids:

0_040.jpg 0_216.jpg 0_495.jpg 0_034.jpg 0_071.jpg 0_129.jpg

Others > Music Videos > Screencaps: Liz – Hush

Others > The Evolution of Dancing For The Kids

Nov 23rd

Added everything I had related to Under The Dome over the gallery!

0_1192.jpg 0_2145.jpg 0_3561.jpg 0_2241.jpg 0_3695.jpg 0_1013.jpg

Television Work > 2013. Under the Dome


000014.jpg 000094.jpg 000107.jpg 000124.jpg 000166.jpg 000285.jpg

Television Work > 2013. Under the Dome > Season 3 > Screencaps: Episode 12


Nov 13th

001.png 1.png 4.png 001.png 003.png001.jpg

Magazine Scans

Nov 12th

As to celebrate the like and retweet lovely Gia was able to make on our twitter (here) we would like to present you the newest launch on this fansite: Gia’s Closet!

Click on the following link to see all brands Gia has wore and that we are aware of:


You just need to click on any of the categories available (for now Appearances and Projects) to see what she wore!

Unfortunately there isn’t much information online about her clothes, but we’ll keep trying to find all brands she wore and when :)

Nov 12th

We’re lucky enough to get noticed by our lovely lady Gia Mantegna!!! We’re behond excited !


Nov 11th

Gia is finally on instagram again!! See her account here.


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